Thailand Productivity Institute has long experiences
in organization assessment and productivity management
serving the customized solution
for sustainable success.
Amid rapid changing,
we provide excellent and innovative products and services
for organizational improvement including;
Thailand Productivity Institute has teams of experts and experienced professionals in various fields of business such as production management, organizational management and corporate sustainability
Public Training
Thailand Productivity Institute organizes public training courses, In-house training, distance learning, e-training, and seminar
Productivity Promotion
As our core mission aims to enhance national productivity, one of the key approaches is creating continuous productivity awareness among Thai citizens. The objectives of promotion are publishing and distributing of; new knowledge, implementing approaches and culture of productivity improvement via various and appropriate channels and media.
Productivity Measurement and Organizational Management Research
Research study on productivity measurement supports competitiveness at both national and organizational levels. We provide research services with essential information to improve business management effectiveness by setting up a knowledge center for productivity and provide information such as productivity index, benchmarking and best practices.
Office of Thailand Quality Award
Office of Thailand Quality Award plays a vital role to promote the application of Thailand Quality Award Criteria for Thai organizations in various sectors to achieve performance excellence at the global level. The award recipient process is a vital activity to search for best practices as a role model for leveraging organization performance and recognition.
Cooperation and Academic
Exchange with International Networks
Thailand is a member of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), which comprises 20 member countries in the Asia Pacific region with the mission of promoting and enhancing productivity among member countries. To achieve the mission, Thailand Productivity Institute has been entrusted and funded by the Ministry of Industry to undertake APO activities of exchanging and promoting productivity knowledge in domestic and international level and co-developing productivity experts with APO.
Publication of Productivity Knowledge
Thailand Productivity Institute provides information, tool, know-how, and standard of productivity management for organizational and national level through multimedia i.e. articles, motion graphics, and infographics channeled in social media.